Smaller Budget Headliners: Champagne Sound on a Beer Budget

January 30, 2008

By Mark Sonder

I can hear you thinking now...  “Great.” (Throwing your out-of-control hands up in the air aimlessly), “I read Guru Sonder on Monday and Tuesday to help me with my entertainment needs, but, what he doesn’t understand is that I do not have a large budget in which to work with!”

If this is your scenario…today is for you!

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"Livin' La Vida Loca": How to Hire and Work with Headline Entertainment

January 29, 2008

By Mark Sonder

The Selection Process

In your selection process your entertainment company should provide you with not only a list of headliners, but also their picture, biography, and possibly their routing information, availability, and cost. Your entertainment company can supply the planner with the headliners tour history, venues where they have worked, and their typical audience size, if applicable. Ticket prices are also available. Call today for a list of categories to assist in starting to choose what genre of music might be good for a particular meeting or event.

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Hiring Headline Entertainment Week

January 28, 2008

By Mark Sonder

I have been called many things in my life both in the past and presently… Chief Entertainment Officer, Talent Buyer, Entertainment Producer, Professor, Author, Speaker, Judge, Industry Leader…however, until Editor-In-Chief of this magazine Vince Alonzo called, I had never been called “Guru!”  Thanks Vince!!

This week we will explore 4 different topics on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Most will be on headline entertainment.  One, I hope will be a stimulus to create a dialog on our professional associations and certifying society on their respective “code of ethics.”  I will be silent on Thursday as that day I will be giving an interactive live Webinar for the University of Nevada at Las Vegas entitled, “Hiring Headline Entertainment for Meetings and Events.”  Although there is a cost ($99), I urge each and everyone of you whose job description calls for hiring such an important element of the hospitality industry or who might in the future be called upon to do such a task to register for this 1-hour Webinar to take place on Thursday at noon EST.  Please click: UNLV Meetings Entertainment Webinar.

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