Negotiating in Changing Times

September 08, 2008

by Nancy A. Norman

Negotiating is an Art. Negotiating is a Science. Negotiating is a Skill.

These statements are all true and they become more important as our world turns and as our economies change.

If you are a Hotelier, you have been noticing a distinct difference in your Return on Investment [ROI] and your Average Daily Rate [ADR] and if you’re a Planner, perhaps you have been noticing that your booking playing field for upcoming meetings has been leveling off a bit, in your favor. These are cycles that we are all familiar with, albeit, at present, the conditions are ever more serious, it seems.

On the one hand, records indicate that fewer attendees are traveling to conferences, but on the other hand, it’s been reported that those who do attend are qualified buyers and therefore, more important in the long run to Meeting Sponsors. So, in essence, all is not gloom and doom, after all.

As Hoteliers and Planners, should your negotiating techniques change since the booking climate is different? Techniques – no. Contractual requests – possibly.

Negotiating techniques, to be successful in any kind of atmosphere, must remain static because they represent a skill and not a manipulation of one condition or another. If committed to the values and ethical standards of negotiating techniques, Hoteliers and Planners alike will be able to interact effectively to reach whatever goals they wish to attain through a booking.

Just what are these basic techniques?

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