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October 04, 2005


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Wonderful page may make endless growth, with thanks present, all the build up about skills can be to keep on getting to know, curiosity is normally the start of immense success.


I would like to hear from folks who have done their own marketing and selling of their personal homes or investment properties.

1. Why did you decide to go it alone?
2. What did you do to advertise your real estate?
3. How did you negotiate your contract....yourself or with help?
4. If helped, by whom?
5. Did you meet your selling target date?
6. Did you get the price you wanted? Explain.
7. How many days did it take to sell your real estate.

Please let me know whether it was a personal residence or investment real estate and any comments.

Thank you!

Keith Guernsey

I would like to hear from anyone who has had success selling training and education in the energy world?
Many thanks and happy thanksgiving,


Great initiative by S&MM. I myself is a sales person from India. Nice to know opinion of the peer group.Wish people visit my URL too-

Dave J.

Welcome to the club. One of the blogs I read divided up bloggers into categories almost exactly like you described...pundits and observers. The warts-and-all category is new, I think, but appropriate. I've been all three, and warts-and-all is the most fun.

Whatever category it is, remember it is a soapbox. We are here to to hear what you have to say. Good luck.

Big Picture Guy

May I be among the first to extend to you a warm welcome to Blog World. You will be in for an adventure, though not always one of your own choosing.

Thank you for your kind words and for using me as an example of a genre. Although at times, I feel that Big Picture, Small Office is the answer to a question no one has asked, it does have a dedicated and growing audience that apparently finds the truth more enlightening than fiction and the narrative form more entertaining than exposition.

For these stories to have interest and to resonate, they must have their roots firmly planted in reality. All the events have indeed taken place, though there have been strategic dislocations of time and space. The people do exist, though if they have not been genetically altered, then they have at least been airbrushed to protect the innocent. And, for the record, I also exist. Also, for the record, I do, in fact, occupy a corner office, this over-rated piece of real estate being the reward for a quarter century of experience and some small measure of achievement.

Big Picture, Small Office is designed to both titillate and educate. It does not provide prescriptions for marketing or business excellence unless they are appropriate to the topic and fall out neatly in the course of events. Free advice and editorial comment come only in passing.

As you move forward, rest assured that you will always be a welcome visitor to The Small Office. These visits will, no doubt, be a source of both inspiration and frustration for you as they have been for so many others.

Best of luck.


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