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December 21, 2005


Shirley George Frazier

I've owned an at-home business since 1990 and can tell you that anyone working for themselves knows the rules.

1. Set a daily agenda to complete projects.

2. Keep everything to get the work done available within arm's length (phone, printer, etc.).

3. Get rid of all distractions, or at least have a good reason for the distraction (example - if the dog barks while on the phone, tell the other person this is "bring your dog to work day").

Our ability to make money at home depends on staying focused and driven to succeed. We don't "hit the frig" because it doesn't make money.

Glad you're riding again.


I've heard Ruckus can make quite a ruckus :)


I agree with Mindy! Due to the MTA strike, I have spent two days working at home and the silence is a killer. Plus, I miss the free coffee offered at my job. :) I think a strong focus is key to getting the most out of telecommuting.


I occasionally work at home, too, but wouldn't recommend it if you have a noisy dog and have to make a lot of phone calls. My dachshund, Ruckus, can make such situations very difficult!

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