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February 16, 2006


Dan Tudor

Look where TV, radio and print advertising is going...all of their demographics are slipping as people turn away from traditional media. Companies are going to have to get more and more creative in their search for effective ways to brand their product or service with new customers. Interesting post! I comment on it at www.landingthedeal.com.


Thanks for the observation Will. A strategically placed logo is definitely hard to ignore.

Will Dettmering

Sometimes, strategically placing a small logo tattoo on a body is very effective. At the risk of sounding sexist, I recall a female model at an automobile parts show that had a small logo tattoo on the exposed part of her ample breast.

Trust me, if it was on her face... no men would have noticed.

However, it did the job. Men were talking about it... for obvious reasons. And, women were talking about it... as offensive and in bad taste. So, EVERYONE was talking about it.

My question always is what was the ROI? How much did it cost to have it made and stuck on there? How much product was sold?

I guess only the marketing department at ***oil knows the truth.

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