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March 08, 2006


Ivan Varshavsky

Although Woods has a right to be disappointed because he has once again been excluded from the company's incentive program because he isn’t strictly "sales", he is wrong in what he does by lagging off and declining his performance. Time and effort are everything. Woods’ attitude does not only slow down the company but also has an impact on the company’s sales. Since Woods plays a major role in support and is responsible for creating the sales team's collateral, presentation materials, and proposals, I would give him a chance to win a ticket to Tahiti. To be eligible for this ticket he would have to have a better performance, a better attitude, and be more social as well as available to help the salespeople. His eligibility should also be determined if 50% or more of the 15 sellers reach or surpass the 125 percent of quota.

Eric Joe

Werner can simply send Woods to Tahiti, as a thank-you. Or, better yet, establish a "partner" or VIP list, inwhich one may include others that indirectly affect sales. This doesn't have to be a separate incentive plan, as managing/updating multiple plans can be a nightmare. Plus, having a partner/VIP list means that each year it can simply evolve, and no one person can/should assume that he/she will be attending a future trip.

Jerry Wolfe

Woods should definitely be included. Since his role is one of support, rather than direct sales; his eligibility should be determined by the percentage of the 15 sales people who qualify (50% or more?) - and the only ones who should count are those who worked with Woods on proposals. Woods will then have the incentive to get behind the program in a big way for his own benefit.


Since Jensen is introducing three new products, new collateral will have to be developed. Woods should be responsible for creating this collateral, on time and with her blessing. If more than five sales people make the 125 percent of quota, Woods gets to go to Tahiti.

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