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June 12, 2006


Tom Morris

Hi Stacy. I'd never want to be anyone's Guru! Would you? If I can just be a pipeline for insight, that's good enough for me! I had never intended to read the Harry Potter books, but a student of my favorite PhD student at Notre Dame asked me repeatedly to read them and consider writing an essay for his book, Harry Potter and Philosophy. He was my academic grandson, so how could I refuse? I got hooked right away and got so excited about the insights of the Potter stories, and especially about ideas I wasn't seeing anyone else discuss that I had to write them up. The book is what resulted (in addition to the essay I was asked to write).

Will is worried about pseudo philosophy. Good. I'm glad someone cares about REAL philosophy, which is what this book is about. Some of the best philosophers in history have had a knack for finding insight in all sorts of strange and common places. I hope you all see the book and agree that there is an amazing amount of wisdom to be mined from Potterdom.

But you can't judge a book by its cover or title - you have to dig in a bit. And then the real thing will prove itself.

I appreciate you all noticing the book.

Good wishes! And Happy Thinking!

Tom Morris

Will Dettmering

I think that someone has started a pseudo business-philosophy book factory. Here are some ideas for future works...

"If Dilbert ran Hewlett Packard"

"If the X-Men sat on the board of IBM"

"If Bart Simpson ran Disney"

Get the picture. My only regret is that I didn't come up with the trendy little book gig!!!

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