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June 09, 2006


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Ron Hayes

While I don't fly enough to make this worthwhile for me, I know plenty of people that travel alot and one they all seem to dread the extra time waiting to get through airport security. It seems like this is a great solution. As for giving out personal information, I agree with Brian, the government already has tons of personal info about me so I am not afraid of providing any more.

john chang

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jose gonzales

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Thanks for your comments! I'm glad to hear the program is reducing hassles for some biz travelers.


I utilized this for 6 months at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport where they used either an eye or thumb scan. It was brilliant, I did not have to get to the airport hours in advance to stand in a queue and it took a lot of hassle out of travel.

As far as personal data is concern, I am sure the government knows all about me and there are many sources for a hacker with fraudulent goals to steal a lot more of my data from other sources than my airline database.

I support this kind of program 100% and hope it gets put back in service.


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