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August 01, 2006



Your experience at the steakhouse sounds dreadful. Well, until the iPod part, that is. I do agree that bonuses, profit sharing, free promotional items, even a simple pat on the back for a job well done can all boost employee morale.


I have been there, and I have had worse to deal with. I went as far as creating an office humor satire website about my evil boss and wicked co-workers.


This is great info for start ups and businesses relying on sales staff!

Maria Franchesca

Nicely put. People will do amazing feats, withstand tremendous pressures, and keep their mouth shut (for short periods, of course) when opportunity to gain arises. Remember, however, TINSLAAFL-there's no such thing as a free lunch. Really made me think critically.

Terry, Chicago

Great blog. I found this site not long ago and have enjoyed reading all of the blogs. This one really caught my eye. I know how it can feel working in a restaurant and your blog definitely brought back old memories. Well done.

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