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August 29, 2006


Mark Hunter

Using software to help determine the size and coverage of sales territories is great but too many times management gets carried away with that they perceive will be an incredible increase in the effeciency of the sales force but they forget it's still a people thing. If the sales force is not engaged in the roll-out of the software and if they're not allowed some input in how the territories are laiad out they'll respond by not working at their level they're expected to. I've seen this at a wide range of companies and there's never been an exception to the rule.
One of the driving reasons behind all of this is the price tag of rolling out these programs and management's believe that because they paid such a huge price for it the software must be good and it will be used to it max. This is combined with their perception that the salesforce does not understand how good the software is and how well it will think for them that there's no way the sales force should be allowed any input.
Again I could share countless stories from major corporation who have gone done this road expecting huge benefits only to incur significant setbacks. I'm not against using tools like this it's just they must be used in conjunction with the input and insights that the salesforce has.

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