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November 09, 2006


Ron Hayes

Wendy and Stacy,
You both are right on the mark. Unfortunately, from my experience, I find that many companies will talk the brand until they are blue in the face but so few actually put it into practice across the board. And it's always the little things they ignore but that are at the crux of truly exceptional customer experiences.

Wendy Flanagan

Ron, what you speak of is the essence of branding. The experience a person has with an individual or a company creates a brand impression that transcends any investment in advertising. The grass-roots action is the defining moment of the brand - the attribute that remains a fixed constant for the company.

How can a company care about quality if half the lights are out in the vaulted ceiling in the lobby? What does a cobweb in the corner indicate about cleanliness, and subsequently hygiene in a supposedly high-priced restaurant? Will you eat at a fast-food restaurant where the service is slow? Will you keep your money at a bank that's been robbed?

Marketing is more than a pretty face. Every campaign has to embody the vision, mission, values of the company... and the culture. This is the only way to develop brand loyalty; by presenting a consistent brand that is reflected in the appearance, thoughts, actions and offerings of the company.


Stacy Straczynski

I thought the photo was appropriate. Today it seems that people don't want to have to think when it comes to their products (such as people who can't appreciate a movie that requires devoted attention)-- it just takes too much work.

We work all day at our jobs and don't want to have to put in "overtime" by trying to figure out where to pay for a purchase, how to cancel a subscritpion, or which number to call to actually speak to a customer service rep. User-friendly business makes sure that I can get my own business done and get on to living my life. And that's why these succeed.

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