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December 14, 2006


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First off, if you have a job where you can't afford to miss even a single day? Then you have a job where you cannot be promoted!
Second, If you are arrogant enough to think that the company cannot survive without you, then you need to switch companies. Any company with that level of reliance on a single person is doomed to failure. Either that, or you're a self centered jerk that thinks the world revolves around them!
3rd, If you are truely sick, then you are contagious. And as such if you go to work in a condition where you can activly infect others (such as cubicle farms or, heaven forbid, food services) then you should be summarily punished for putting others at risk of catching your creeping crud disease! I don't want your hepatitis so keep it at home! As a rule, I stay out of cubicles of people with small children for that very reason. (I know by looking at the pictures they proudly display on their cube walls) Children are disease factories and spread pestilance and disease where ever they go! Parents become unwitting carriers of these hidden illnesses and next thing you know, the entire department is down with some mysterious ailment all because some arrogant b*stard didn't have the common decency to STAY HOME for the safety of his fellow coworkers. Think of others you jerks! You're not the only one working for the company (although your "A" type personality may make you believe that you are)

Finally, yes...I think that ALL companies should allow employees to take sick days any way they wish. Whether it's to stay home with a sick kid, or to go to a doctor's appointment. The United States is the most bass-ackwards country in the G-8 when it comes to workers rights. Most countries in Europe require that employees take a one week "spa" every several years to regenerate. In the U.S., we have to get a doctors notice if we take more than 3 sick days in a row!
When it comes to vacations, health and mental awareness, the United States is the most backwards country in the world! Heck, some 3rd world countries have better worker rights than we do in the U.S.!

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