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April 25, 2007



Which would you rather see?

Knowing the pain of your prospect and build a storyline around that pain will help to drive home the message you want to impart. A question to think about: How does what you want to relay to your prospect is in sync to their needs? Using the phrase "Think about this?" using graphs and data will drive the message home. For any sales meeting I would advise the presenter to do a run through with his team members on the presentation. If the presenter is unable to convince his team-members on the sales pitch it means he/she is not ready. Sometimes presentation is done in a hurry without reviewing the ins and outs of how captivating the presentation is. Another thing is if the presenter is not passionate about his/her job then the presentation will be a flop.
Finally, a great presentation should consist of several reviews, clear and concise message that hit home.

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