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April 17, 2007


AEG Airsoft Guns

Alot of airsoft rifles now are looking just like the real deal. It's pretty controversial but you can get exact weights and materials of originals. Like here AEG Airsoft Guns.

Enrique Burgos

All these warnings are absolutely necesary to control, sometimes for legal, or just for company rules. I had a special case with a car dealer corporation: employees wanted to be incentived with a wine testing and several wine bottles, but just for the classic "dont drive if you drink" was impossible to afford the requirements of these people. Finally we developed a racing school experience with "formula1" cars. At the end, we have always to consider the enviroment where the company moves.

Edgar Valdmanis

I think these ideas are fabolous, with only one word of warning - check your audience or target group. Some experiential incentives do include outdoors activities like mountainclimbing, river-rafting or similar and there are numerous people who are afraid of thes types of activities. Even worse, they are often being laughed at for being afraid of heights or whatever it is. The other one is winetasting. Personally I would have loved to join you for that trip to Spain, but there are people around who do not drink alcohol for personal reasons. The list could probably go on, but the point is - check your audience. Otherwise I'm sure experiential incentives beat 'things' any day.
Edgar Valdmanis, MBA

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