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April 12, 2007



"How do you get more value from meetings?"
A presenter should utilize a multisensory approach when presenting to a group. Arriving early and meeting with participants is a great way to build connection. Standing at a podium appears static. A presenter should always be moving. Power point presentation can be boring. Not all participants are visual learners. Getting participants involve from the onset by introducing a great story that captures their attention and hold back the end for the last will motivate the audience.
Additionally, 5 minutes should be allocated for introduction. Using a game as a form of introduction is a great way to get their participation. The general rule is talk less, give participants time to interact with information, use music, role play, and repetition. This will definately keep your audience awake and give them something to take back.

Colin Cosgrove

I agree with much of this, in fact, the subtle point of actually getting out from behind the podium can be all that is needed to make people more at ease - both the presenter and the audience. Once people are at ease, they are more likely to interact. Too many presenters overlook this basic concept.

Love the 10-20-30 rule!

Thomas Symington

I agree with the writer to an extent. It is very important to get the audience involved in the presentation. One of the techniques that has been very successful for me is to talk to some of the attendees prior to the presentation. Also if there are different companies in the room, then find that out and address a company and person from that company while doing a presentation. Sort of a general question as to how Infotech handles shipping overseas or something like that. To get an attendee in the conversations perks up the entire audience by change of voice. Also, which I think is the most important part of any presentation it paints a picture of everyday problems that clients have, and your having someone else describe it, while you (the Presenter) will solve it.

Enrique Burgos

I`´m absolutely agree with your comments, Edgar, I meet several speakers with decens of slides and in a 12 points font presentations. Terrible. RElated to this field, I just read a post published on Guy Kawasaki Blog, explaining his 10-20-30 Rule of Powerpoint:"...a PowerPoint presentation should have ten slides, last no more than twenty minutes, and contain no font smaller than thirty points...". I think it´s one of the best advices I readed about speeches & presentations. Put it on practice, very useful.

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