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April 25, 2007



I would think it would be natural for people to network with each other at a business meeting. All business meeting I have attended I always exchange business card. The first thing I am asked is my business card. You can meet people in different ways by making a comment, being friendly and offer help if needed. If the meeting is static without any interaction then it can be difficult to network with other business partners.
The presenter sets the tone. For networking to take place the learning environment has to encourage it. On the other hand, it depends on the individuals.

Enrique Burgos

I felt also this situation several times in conferences, seminars,...People usually only go to listen not to network, they dont want "intruders" in their business. I tried to interact in the past with some attendants of this seminars here in my country, Spain, obtaining the same result, nothing. People feel like you are trying to sell them something, and the real situation is that you want to share your opinion and knowledge with others and find ways of business improvements.

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