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May 11, 2007


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He hopes to draw a contrast with Republican lawmakers, who have been accused by Democrats of intransigence.

A speech Obama delivered in April laying out broad principles for deficit reduction marked his entry into the debt limit negotiations that have now gone down to the wire.

Republicans have faulted him for declining to lay out a detailed plan.

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Throughout the saga, Obama has sought to portray himself as the "adult in the room" by emphasizing his willingness to compromise as he and his aides have issued grave warnings about the need to strike a deal to head off an economic catastrophe.

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I think that last three primaries have been flaud toward Hillary Clinton by the Right Wing Republican strategist. Republicans have converted heavily in the last three primaries to change the honest voint process to Clintons favor, a bache the right nomination and insure the republicans regain the white house even if it is Mccain. Sadly these makes the case of the Democratic voters voice not being heard, especially if republican voters are switching to throw off the natural voting process.
I see through it all and I am Obama a support, who does feel as thought blacks owe a debt to the clintons but that I feel that someone one new should be given a chance to address the issues of this nation. Also the clintons scandals and Monica/Bills sexuality will play a factor if shes a the nominee in the fall. Thanks about it america.
Does america really want bill clinton back the white house after he disgraced himself and US with his sexual tendencies in the oval office. The republican are laughing the democratic part, the strategy is working.
Obama is the honest peoples nominee. ANd 10% is not a Win, it shows a devide and stragegy votes for Hillary by reoublican turn democratic voter.

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