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May 04, 2007


TJ McCue

Many thanks for your comments. I agree with you -- most places are just interested in how many calls did you make...

But then in the process of getting sales people to make more calls, we make their job harder by asking them to enter tons of data into a CRM/SFA solution. SO, they spend an hour or more a day trying to remember what they have done, the results, etc. That is why we have such high failure rates of CRM solutions not being used or adopted. There are definitely tools to make it easier on the rep and increase his or her productivity.

If we understand and consider the sorts of data that a firm like CSO Insights finds in its research -- then we'll find a way to reach one of the important primary goals of sales: Increase Revenues!

Happy Selling.

Edgar Valdmanis

Personally I would argue that emphasis has been on "# of salescalls/salesrep calculator" for many salesmanagers. As long as the rep has completed his target number of salescalls then that's OK.
I have not seen many places where the focus has been on the customer. I may sound cynical, but this is my true experience. Fair enough, my main experience lies within the small- and midsize business area, but these would need a proper use of a proper solution as much as any large company.
Thanks for the six levers idea, I think we're onto something here.

alan timothy

I have been searching for some time on satisfactory definitions of Sales Management, and associated analytics/metrics all to no avail. The lack of definition of Sales Management and process has resulted in many products claiming to do Sales Management, when, as practitioner, you bench mark them against what you actually need as a Sales manager they are found wanting.

The six levers are a start to develop a base understanding of what actions a Sales Manager can take, the next step is to see the role of the various tools such as: SFA, CRM, Training, Rewards, Territory Management and new tools like i-snapshot and their associated ROI's.
Many of the tools are not in fact competitive but rather synergistic but offering different ROI's and implementation time scales. The choice then becomes the order a company implements them, and the certainity of the ROI.

Jeff Walters

Your are onto something important. We should all start thinking about CRM/SFA in two distinct ways. 1. Managing the sales force and their productivity. 2. Managing the prospect/customer information in order to best serve them through the sales and service cycle.
Historically, almost all emphasis has been on the customer and NOT on improving the sales person's productivity.

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