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June 27, 2007


Greg Krauska

Kelley, these myths actually represent the truth, if a salesperson plays in a world where only transactions matter. That's a world that few customers relate to today. Good reminders.

Kelley Robertson

Thanks for the comment, TJ. It's interesting how much more productive a "conversation" is compared to a sales pitch, especially with an executive. The more focus and attention we place on our prospect/customer, the more insight we can gain to their specific situation which then allows us to present the most suitable solution. By that time, price becomes less of an issue and you become more of a business partner rather than a vendor or supplier. It's just unfortunate that more sales people don't understand this concept.

TJ McCue

Terrific post, Kelley. I completely agree. I had a great conversation with a sales operations executive the other day and they are building a new sales process. The powerful thing about this new process is it starts with the customer's buying cycle... From there, it stays in tune with the customer and with building the relationship -- and is not focused on closing a sale until it is right to close a sale.

Stacy Straczynski

Very informative and intersting post. Welcome to the Sound Off!

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