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July 03, 2007


Kelley Robertson

It's even more disappointing that Kellogg's has given in to this pressure. As usual, corporate America tends to run their businesses to please a small advocacy group rather than the vast majority. While I agree that these self-interest groups are very vocal, I don't believe businesses should cave in every time they protest. And, as long as they continue to bend to the pressure, groups like this will gain more strength and support. I agree with Ron's comments that parents (and people in general) need to accept responsibility for their own actions instead of looking for people to blame.

Ron Hayes

This phenomenon has developed mainly from our inability to accept the consequences of our choices. We have become so enamored with our own importance that we must find someone else to blame for any "failure". What ever happened to parents deciding what to feed their children instead of giving in to their every demand? I better stop now before my comment becomes an article in and of itself.

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