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August 10, 2007


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Phillip Eastwood

There are customer service agents who ask for the details from the caller. These details can be used to improve the service that they deliver to that caller.

Edgar Valdmanis

Unfortunately, this is an ongoing theme.
I was in a kind of parallel situation some months ago. I received poor service, and complained back to the company about their lack of flexibility. The response said that the customer service rep had acted correctly since they were not permitted to be flexible! Astonishing. What these companies don't see is that they loose potential ambassadors as well.

Ron Hayes

I found this post disturbing - not because of the subject matter but because the called a potential customer and chewed you out. That is so incredibly stupid. Here was a perfect opportunity to find out valuable information for improving their process and instead, she tells a potential customer off. Sheer stupidity and lack of any business sense.

Kelley Robertson

Great post Paul. A friend of mine experienced a similar situation. He was contacted by a call center rep to buy a membership and the person who called him was obviously not suited for the job. My friend contacted the company and was told in no uncertain terms that their call center was doing just fine. Too bad large companies can't put aside their ego--it would be amazing what results they could achieve.

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