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October 19, 2007


TJ McCue

Oh, yeah, meant to say -- Great Website, Peter. Some useful and fun nuggets on there for marketing types!

TJ McCue

I loved your post. I find myself constantly tweaking my emails to be more effective in a first contact sort of way. Stephan Schiffman offers some great stuff in this area. I have a lot of friends in the email marketing space and these findings are something i think they'd confirm.

I have been reaching out to prospects, one at a time, in a targeted way, for quite a while with a market segmentation/customer value tool i sell and find that email opens far more doors, conversations, then my voicemails ever did.

I could not get to the download, though. Just 48 hours from your posting and it showed Login Required. Interested to see the report if that may be possible. Thanks.

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