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October 24, 2007


TJ McCue

Buyer Personas. I meant to add in my post -- one of the things i like best about David Meerman Scott's new book is Chapter 10 on You Are What You Publish.

It reminds me of my journalist training years ago -- think of the reader -- and you'll probably write something worth reading...

Plus, if you can think like your buyer (not easy), you'll be much more likely to engage them. I had this conversation with a client today -- thanks to David and his great book!

Ron Hayes

Another great read about social media and thought leadership is "Join the Conversation" by Joseph Jaffe; especially if you are involved in B2C marketing.

David Meerman Scott

Hey TJ,

Many thanks for reading my book and recommending it here. I appreciate it. Had a great Webinar yesterday with SM&M.

Cheers, David

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