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November 26, 2007


Bill Caskey

Well done article. I've always been one of the 'balkers' in how I advise my clients to pursue RFPs. But I do think that a well written RFP by a firm such as yours, can really, really help the client understand what problems they're trying to solve with the solution.

Unfortunately, many third parties have no interest in diagnosing the issues to be fixed--they are interested only in making it fair--level playing field etc.,

As a sales trainer, I tell my clients to balk at RFPs if a) the RFP makes no mention of pains/issues/detailed objectives (i.e. why are they even looking at this solution) or b) they don't allow the vendor to come in and question/explore.

If that's the scenario, I say "Pass." Not an ideal cleint.

Thanks for posting.

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