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October 07, 2008


Masako Gun

How did Wendy's promote their business? Simply putting it on their website doesn't mean that the potential customers will already know what's new. Did they use any social media marketing?

Catherine Moore

There are different ways to market a product or service on the web. However,the bottom line of any new product marketing strategy is to make targeted clients or customers visit or at least stumble the site that is being promoted. Online marketing can be done through emails, blogs, online advertisements, back linking, and other SEO techniques.

Mike McCue

I hear you, Robert, and it seems to be an intuitive realization -- promote your company when others aren't and you benefit from the sole possession of the spotlight and attention. But we all know that finance departments try to put the brakes on spending as much as possible during tough times, so how can a sales or marketing executive make his firm's leadership understand that spending to increase visibility is critical to future success? Are there studies that show the benefits of marketing in tough times?

Robert Piller

As a marketing consultant, I tell my clients that now, more than ever, is the time to be pro-active in promoting their business. In recessionary times, there are always winners and losers--even within the same industries. Those companies that are spending the money on targeted marketing campaigns and promotional strategies will be better positioned to ride the wave and profit on the up-tick.

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