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September 06, 2006

Unifying Your Company Culture

By Amy Peeler

One of the challenges I discussed in my previous blog entry is how to communicate with employees who reside on each coast and everywhere in between. As you well know, not only is it a challenge to foster a cohesive culture throughout an organization, but it is equally challenging to communicate company, market and other vital information clearly and timely.

Getting the same info to everyone is paramount for the success of individual employees and the organization at large. We’ve used Web communications to capture all-company meetings, which employees are then encouraged to watch over the Web live or later on-demand.

We’re now in the process of creating several employee training and information segments that will also be available via web link through our intranet.

Here’s my short list to keep in mind as we roll out these initiatives:


  • Make each session simple and easy to understand
  • Lean toward multiple, highly targeted segments of 5-10 minutes vs. one long session covering various subjects
  • Devise a naming convention that makes it easy to locate the right information when workers need it
  • Make this material accessible to employees 24/7, no matter their role or location
  • Provide a feedback loop where employees can ask questions for clarification or further information and provide their own input

Based on your experience, what else would you add?

Ultimately, I want our employees to be able to watch a message from our company president, an internal or contracted subject matter expert or any other source and then digest that information as it fits into their schedule. By making this information accessible to everyone at any time, we hope to continue forging a path of consistent information and continuous learning.

Amy Peeler is director of human resources and training at Sonic Foundry, a provider of high performance rich media technology with locations in Madison, Wis., and Pittsburgh. Visit www.sonicfoundry.com for more information.


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