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October 04, 2006

Is the Workplace Just One Big Presentation?

Sometimes, for fun, I like to see what Web site brought you to Training Day. (Yes, this is my idea of fun. I also like diagramming sentences for fun as well—don't ask.) Anyway, it appears (if my metrics are right) that many of you find us through the Presentations page on ManageSmarter.com. ManageSmarter.com's most popular stories routinely are presentation-themed stories.

The idea of presenting as an industry is intriguing. I spent my entire pre-Training days not knowing there was an entire culture around giving better presentations. Do these stories really change how you deliver content? Or do they reassure you that everyone's just as scared to get up to that podium?

Trainers, talk back. Is presenting a huge part of your job? Or is it just an ongoing conern—i.e. how to give better training presentations, how to better engage your audience, ect.? Is the desired end result better smile sheets or a better sense of self as you turn in at night?

Share your thoughts with us—it'll probably mean more presentation-type stories in the future.


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Gene Deel

I have to say I'm reassured by the fact that someone else out there likes to diagram sentences. :) I personally find info about delivering better presentations enlightening and inspiring. My favorite is when I read something and I get so inspired that I have to find a way to work it into my next presentation as soon as possible!

Guy Farmer

I've found that people are most effective at presenting when they are talking about something they find meaningful. When we present from a deeper place we tend to worry less about content or how we look and we simply talk about what we love.

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