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November 13, 2006

A Great Time to Be in HR

It's raining cash if you're an human resources manager. At least, that's the word from Money magazine, which listed HR manager as the fourth best job in America, with the average pay being $73,731.

Why is that noteworthy?

One, the story ties well with Training's new salary survey for this year, which also asserts that it's a great time to be in HR and training when it's payday. Two, so many of you, from our anecdotal evidence, did not look at your play kitchens and chemistry sets and say, "I want to go into human resources." Many of you have taken the long road here. Perhaps the compensation really includes a little pain and suffering cash for the knocks you've taken to make it to this field.

What do you think? What was your impression of the salary survey?


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