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January 21, 2007

Big thanks

First of all, big, no HUMUNGOUS, thanks to our Teamwork Attitude Tester Testers group, especially to Tony, Karl and Margaret. “Opinion from the trenches” is worth more than any theorising, so thanks to everybody for your input. I am going to present the Teamwork Attitude Tester and other Second Life developments on Society for Applied Learning Technology® conference January 31 – February 2nd in Orlando, FL. Should any of you plan to attend, please do stop by booth 8 to say “hi”. We are thinking about few other soft and hard skill “testers” and I would love an opportunity to show what we got and run by you some of the ideas. BTW, we plan to make some of the testers free to copy and use, at least in the beginning, so keep an eye on this blog. Preliminary opening date of the “Education Island” is mid-March. We also plan to offer a place for development of your own Second Life courses as well as provide room and facilities for classes and general support for in-class and distance learning.


Alex Heiphetz received Ph.D. in geophysics from the University of Pittsburgh. After working for a consulting firm he started an independent company in 1997. Delta L Printing specializes in business services to training companies and educational institutions: training management software, publishing, audio and video production. Dr. Heiphetz can be reached via e-mail at alex.heiphetz@deltalprinting.com or through the company web site www.deltalprinting.com.


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