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June 18, 2007

Motivation: The Father of Productivity

In honor of Father’s Day, a survey by Adecco and Harris Interactive polled workers on their thoughts on the role of a father in the workplace.

The results?

Half of the women surveyed felt that working fathers are able to balance family and work more easily than women in the workplace. However, only 29 percent of men actually felt the same way. In spite of the discrepancy, most—70 percent to be exact—said that they felt that being a father improves their job performance. The reason might be that men may feel an additional sense of motivation when faced with the responsibility of caring for others.

What’s also interesting is that 59 percent of employed fathers would refuse to take a paid paternity leave if it was offered, citing reasons such as not being able to afford it and fearing that it could be detrimental their career.

Parents, who do you think has it easier in the workplace? Men or women? Why? How about when it comes to upper management?


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