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August 09, 2007

It's Such A Hassle To Travel....The Joy of Onsite Training

By Mona Piontkowski (www.SeminarInformation.com)

I remember as a child I looked forward eagerly to any chance to get away and travel with the family--it was fun packing and heading off to the airport. Boy, have times changed. It is SUCH a hassle now to travel . Seems like all we do now is sit in the airport waiting area--who knows how long the security line will be and I don't want to miss my flight so I leave for the airport way too early.

Many industries have been affected by this travel nightmare including the training industry. Offsite meetings that were once considered a treat--a bonus from the boss--are now looked upon as such a hassle--they'd better be worth the effort required to get to the meeting.

But what to do if your company still needs training? Ever consider bring the training to your location? Almost every seminar can be brought to a location of your choosing and at a time of your choosing. If you have at least 10 people who need training on a particular topic seminar companieswill gladly send an instructor to your location to present the training.  You can either elect to buy "off the shelf" training--that is the seminar will be presented exactly as it is presented for public sessions--with examples, case
studies, etc all directed at a general audience. Or if your budget permits, you can have the seminar customized to fit your particular industry or even your particular company.

Onsite training can be very cost-effective and travel-free you will be billed for instructor travel and expenses as well as the cost of the seminar, but if you get a large enough group together you will be saving a whole lot on travel expense for your employees. And if you contact your friendly seminarinformation dot com they might be able to save you additional money  by finding a seminar company in your area thereby saving even more money on instructor travel expenses.

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Very useful article (and we have added it as a blogroll) but do you have any thoughts on actually scheduling training ?

At the workplace or where ever ?

With staff increasingly working non standard hours - getting them together in one place gets harder and harder.

Colleagues of mine have estimated that for someone working 2 1/2 days per week. Non productive time (reading useless emails, catching up with colleagues gossip, corporate stuff) can reach 50% of the working week.

Surely elearning is the answer ?


sorry that should be a link to the blog



Elearning is an option that requires each participant to actually find the time to participate on their own and requires trust on the part of the employer that each person will actually participate.

A training session, even if a half day, at an off-site location, is both beneficial since everyone is away from the distractions of the workplace and viewed by the employees as a "bonus" - time away from work.

Another option is to find a training program that is scheduled in more than one convenient location and you can train everyone on the same topic at different times - not having to take down too much of the staff at once. This works particularly well for companies with multiple locations - employees all over the country can receive the same basic training at a location closer to home.

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Almost every seminar can be brought to a location of your choosing and at a time of your choosing.
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