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September 20, 2007

Karl Kapp's Virtual Book Tour: Week 2

The "blog-based-book-tour" experiment has been both great fun and a great success! Karl Kapp's Gadgets, Games, and Gizmos for Learning has given us lots of fodder for discussion. There have been a number of thought-provoking conversations, like those on women and gaming, and  "generations" and technology. 

One discussion centered around the importance (do we need to say it?) of particular games/sims (etc.) being relevant to learner needs. My dissertation research is on classroom trainer resistance to e-learning; one big fear is that all this newfangled technology will leave "traditional" trainers out in the cold. Here is one more place that folks with such concerns can develop new perspectives, and maybe even niches: as bridge, or interpreter, between the game/gizmo and the real-world use for new learning. Those who have been watching as "experiential" learning gained a stronghold in training practice know that, usually, an "experience" is only as good as the facilitator's ability to help the learner link it to application.  Experiences by themselves don't equal "learning". After all, (and I wish I remember who first said this) apples fell off of trees for centuries before Newton came along and figured out the meaning of the "experience".  So trainers: if you've not yet read the book, take a look, and see if you can figure out where you fit in this new world.

Gggcover You can get Gadgets, Games, and Gizmos for Learning right this very minute from Amazon.com .  And hey! While you're there, check out MY new book, Better Than Bullet Points: Creating Engaging E-Learning with PowerPoint, available for preorder now.


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