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October 26, 2007

Learning Intuition

By Arupa Tesolin (Author of ting!, Speaker, Trainer & Consultant)

Intuition is sustainable, green and a big part of what contributes to innovation in business.  The problem? It's not well enough understood and under-used. But we can make it work for us. My book ting! - A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better is launching in North America.  An entire community of Intuition Specialists have gathered together to support the idea of encouraging intuition in business through ting!  (Participate in ting!'s web-launch by Friday Oct. 26th & get an Intuitive Consultation, Coaching and lots of free goodies at http://www.intuita.com/ting.htm)

ting! is a powerful story along the lines of Fish and Who Moved My Cheese that illustrates how a conscious connection with intuition can really change your life for the better. The book offers some key ingredients for a healthy organization. In ting! Tony, is a young sales professional whose world is looking good but feeling a bit sluggish.  He first laughs when his mentor suggests learning more about intuition. But that's just the beginning. What he does next surprises everyone but mostly himself. A ting! is the sound of intuition striking an open mind. Through Tony's journey, readers begin to discover how ting's show up in their own lives. 

Growing intuition skills--and confidence in them--will enhance your ability to be a more powerful communicator, strengthen your relationships and people skills, help you make better and wiser decisions & be more innovative and creative.  The business appeal of ting! is that it shows how to connect the invisible dots between someone who experiences an intuitive insight and creates tangible business result shows a clear-cut business case for intuition that your colleagues, managers, executives & team members will appreciate which legitimizes intuition and its bottom-line significance. The book goes on to list Starter Steps that companies can take to develop intuition skills at work which have a positive impact on performance, productivity diversity and innovation.

The Gallup Organization conservatively estimates the annual economic cost to the American economy from the approximately 22 million American workers who are extremely negative or "actively disengaged" to be between $250 and $300 billion. Have you ever wondered, as I have, what the cost of not being intuitive is?  Think about it.  How many products, communications, services, interfaces would have been more successful if they had been applied with intuition in mind.  How much productivity and time do you think we've lost because our thinking has been too left-brained & linear? If you have been working to implement intuition skills and intuitive design in your workplace or thinking about it I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


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This is a great idea! This should have been thought of already ages ago. Great post!

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